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Super XOD24 苏丹王


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Our Durian 我们的榴莲


Old Tree Signature Musang 老树猫山王 25/kg  Buy now

OLD TREE SIGNATURE Musang King, this durian is absolutely creamy and sticky flesh that melts in your mouth with a heavenly sticky bittersweet goodness. “Old Tree Signature Musang” is the best any fruit can offer.

Super XOD24 苏丹王 15/kg  Buy now

The durian is fleshy, creamy and has a strong sweet and pleasant aroma. “Super XOD24” is a good combination of tastes, with its perfect mixture of bitterness and sweetness.

Tekka 竹脚 16/kg Buy now

Often preferred by the older generations. An extremely bitter durian with voluminously fleshy and often wrinkly yellow flesh, Tekka was the commercial favorite for years.

King of Kings 皇中皇 23/kg   Buy now

King of Kings Durians are often described as the creme de la creme of Durians. Fruit Monkeys King of Kings are specially sourced from Old Trees (typically above 25 years) across Malaysia when in season. Not only are these Durians packed with buttery-creamy pulps, they are intense in flavor with a slight bitter sensation towards the end. A must-try for the family and guests who will not accept anything but the best. Durians are de-husked, vacuum-packed and sealed to avoid any odour contamination during delivery.

D13 Red Prawn 红虾 14/kg   Buy now

Aka “Red Prawn” Durians due to their deep orangey-red color flesh. One of the famous cultivator breed in Malaysia. They are much sought after because of the sticky creamy flesh to accompany the sweet taste.

Orchee (Blackthorn) 26/kg   Buy now

Super rare and super limited champion breed hail from Penang. The durian is creamy, soft and aromatic with a sweet and fruity aftertaste. You can easily recognize Orchee by its luxurious autumn orange color, come taste this champion today!

Love the durian we had at Fruit monkey. Loved the ambience and the service. Must visit for a warm hearted service and yummy fruit. My Daughter who usually does not eat durian, ate the sweet fruit

Divya Chegu

Finally, we found the best Durian in Singapore after a few year of searching and trying. If you ever eat Durian from Pahang, this shop has the same taste. Also the services is nice compare to other shop. We become frequent visitors now.

Nenah Saw

Highly recommend this place if you wanna have damn good quality durians! Just tell the uncle whether you want it sweet or bitter and he'll find the exact one for you. Will definitely come back to this place for durians!

Michelle Ma

Excellent Service! Great products. Owners Bernard and Kaida are super friendly and durian aficionados. They love what they do and it shows. I was very impressed by the flavors of the durians they served. The shop is simple and clean and has aircon. They even provide gloves to eat the durian so you don't need to use your hands. They are working nonstop because they also fulfill orders for online deliveries via RedMart. Now you can order this straight to your home too!

Christopher Y. Chan

I was telling my durian kakis ever since Fruit Monkeys opened at rangoon road life is a lot more interesting. First you have the shop that is so clean bright spacious and airconditioned. The durians are fresh, good grade come with neat vacuum-packed top quality boxes and you never have to worry about durians that have gone bad or watery and seller still sell them. Best of all, you can get them delivered right to your doorstep. After a hard day's work, when you reach home the durians will greet you first! Highly recommended for hardcore durian lovers.

Veron Ong

Ordered Tekka and MSW for delivery via WA. Everything was so easy and simple, service was excellent too. Best of all, the quality of the durians are excellent - totally value for money. Our family members enjoyed it thoroughly. MSW came in big fruit with small seed, you feel satisfied in every bite. Definitely, will recommend this to any durian lovers whom want to eat in comfort of their home. Oh yes, lastly each box of durian is completely vacumm packed. So its fridge-friendly. Thoughtful job, Fruit Monkeys!:)

Chris Yap

Today ordered Old Tree and XOD24 for deilvery. My first mouth on Old Tree durian is really "OMG" the tastes very powerful!! (very sweet and bitter) long time no tasted this kind of durian and XOD24 is sweet and bitter also very nice taste! Both durian very fresh excellent!! My kids said the Old Tree durian name call "Big Scary Sweet Durian"

Peter Lim

Bentong Musang is one of the best Musang that my whole family had tired... The aroma will feel up the whole room once you open the vacuum pack... It is so fleshy and rich in taste that a few seed of it will give you a satisfied cure on craving of durian... worth every single cents... Not forgetting the good service and constant update of the delivery...

Zhang Shi Shan

Best 3 varieties ... ESP tekka and XO... truly a memory of the past the moment you put in your mouth. Excellent service too

Katherine Fung

Top quality Musang Kings! We would recommend this place to any durian love

Watanabe Atsushi