Old Tree Signature Musang Durian


Minimum 2KG

“Old Tree Signature Musang” is our shop signature durian we especially source from farms in Malaysia
with trees older than 20 years old.
The fruit has a complex flavour profile, the taste can be described as chocolate paired with a 20-year-old single malt whisky and seeds are mostly flat and tiny.
Musang King, this durian is absolutely creamy and sticky flesh that melts in your mouth with a heavenly sticky bittersweet goodness. “Old Tree Signature Musang” is the best any fruit can offer.

How to order:
Pricing quoted based on per kg.
Example if want order 10kg then put in quantity 10
General Terms and Conditions:
– Minimum purchase order is S$120.
– Free delivery for order above S$180.
– Order less than S$180, there will be a small token delivery levy of S$15.
– We delivery from 1 pm to 11 pm.
– No refund or cancellation once the delivery order is confirmed.
– All payment to be paid in full before delivery.
– All orders will be vacuum packed in sealed boxes.
– Delivery within Singapore only.